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2017 - Additional Announcements

VFW Steak Out- 06 MAY 2017 4-7PM. Public Welcome
Installation Ceremony- 21 May 2017 1-3PM.

Call or come by the Post for more information. (586) 264-3490

Photo Gallery - Post 9021

What is New at the VA?

VA has shortened application forms to reduce paperwork for Veterans seeking benefits. The new forms, are being made available on the VA's website:
The forms include a shortened VA Form 21.526 for Veterans applying for disability or pension beneifits. The form has be decreased to only 10 pages from the previous version of 23 pages. Any Veteran can immediately access the form through the following website:

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a condition resulting from ones exposure to direct or indirect threat of death, serious injury, or a psychological distress. The events that can cause PTSD include, but are not limited to: natural disasters, accidents, wartime activities, and man-made disasters. PTSD has many symptoms that can trigger the feelings of traumatic stress. These indicators include: traumatic events, decreased interests, emotional numbing, being on edge, uncomfortableness in crowds, anxiety or irritability and suicidal thoughts. The disorder can be severe, and in many cases, can cause one to feel alone and withdrawn from society. If you or someone you know is portraying signs, the VA can help. The number to call is
800.273.8255 Press (1), the website is

VA Macomb County Vet Center (586)412-0107

With a land mass of 482 square miles, Macomb County ranks third in population in the State of Michigan. Today, there are 825,000 citizens living within the 27 municipalities. Out of those 825,000 citizens, over 75,000 are Veterans.
Vet Centers serve Veterans and and their families by providing quality of care, and a shared value for Veterans and their families within their respective communities. Services that are offered include: career services, continuing education, and many other programs that Veterans can benefit from. Vet Centers also have direct links and contacts with key personnel within the Department Of Veterans Affairs. For more information on the Macomb County Vet Center, please call (586)412-0107.

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